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Welcome to the Kenya Consumer Rights Empowerment Forum Website
The Kenya Consumer Rights Empowerment Forum is an initiative by CUTS-CITEE Nairobi and Akiba Uhaki Foundation to provide a platform for sharing information on consumer concerns and experiences and to facilitate the development of a strong network of consumer groups and consumer champions in Kenya through engagement in constructive consumer policy debates and discussions on consumer protection issues by means of social media.
With a vision of Consumer Sovereignty in the Framework of Social Justice and Equality within and across borders, the information sharing and open discussion on consumer issues through the forum is meant to accelerate the demand for respect of consumer rights and to stimulate active participation in ensuring good governance for better service delivery in and beyond the country.

We envisage  to engage all players in the forum including government regulatory agencies, private sectors/business community, media, academia and the general public in the discussions on consumer protection issues with a view to eliminate  the scourge of consumer rights violations in the national and regional markets. The stakeholder engagement in the forum is to strengthen the campaign on consumer awareness while ensuring that consumer interest receive due attention in the respective sectors, encourage development of quality standards to safeguard the interest of consumers in the provision of goods and services and to facilitate redress to consumer complaints while reducing or eliminating the prevalence of hazardous products from the Kenyan markets.

We are cognizant of the fact that that informed consumers are empowered citizens better placed to rationally accomplish their own claims to prevent discrimination and marginalization hence reducing their vulnerability as they are in position to assert their rights, make informed decisions, question actions and make positive criticism in a given ecological niche. Such consumers are in position to demand quality production and service delivery, good governance, effect behavioral change, empower others and advocate for positive social change. Empowered and informed citizens stand to benefit in the wider market. Through the consumer forum, we intend to make consumers be ware of their rights to: - safety, be heard, Redress and Consumer Education. We also aim at sensitizing them of their consumer responsibilities of being: - critically aware, involved, organized, responsible towards the environment and practicing sustainable consumption.

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