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1. Advice on consumer protection related issues and complaints Procedures
2. Publication of books, pamphlets, magazines and other materials on consumer related issues
3. Handling consumer complaints through counseling and conciliation for quick and easy redress.
4. Linking the consumer with the concerned sector regulatory authority for redress

A consumer who feels dissatisfied with his/her purchased product or service should never surrender to fate by dying in silence and accepting the situation but instead should act. In any case businesses want to keep you happy and win your loyalty and support. In this respect, CUTSCITEE, Nairobi proposes simple approach for work out a problem you may have come across with a product or service you purchased.

1. Contact the business: Keep records of your conversation with the business that sold you the item or the service. Note the person who you spoke with and when and the action promised. Allow for some reasonable time for the promised feedback and if not resolved at that level, then
2. Contact the service provider/manufacture: reach for the company if no resolution is available at the initial stage. You can contact the company headquarters and if possible, the management. This you can do by using company toll free number or any available contact possibly from the sector regulator. The company management may as well be happy for your inputs which mostly help them identify problems that are bad for business and help the business grow. If this again is not helpful, then
3. Write a complaint letter to CUTS-CITEE, Nairobi: remember for the complaint letter to be effective, it should be clear; concise and include all facts. In the letter remember to include copies (Not originals) of documents regarding your complaints such as receipts, invoices, warranties, repair orders, cancelled cheques or any correspondence with the company or business. CUTS-CITEE, Nairobi will then forward the Complain to the relevant regulatory
authority for action.

1. File your complaint promptly: the earlier the submission the lesser the chances of forgetting
important details
2. Outline the important facts of the complaint
3. Tell when and where you bought the product or service, what the specific problem is and what you have done to try resolving the problem
4. Document your claims. Make copies of receipt, repaire orders, cancelled cheques, invoices, warranties, contracts or any other supporting documents.
5. Know what you want from the company/business. Decide whether you want a refund, exchange, repaire, replacement or reimbursement as expenses you have incurred, including repaire costs. At the same time be flexible. You may have to compromise.

Name and address ______________________________
( of the trader, dealer, firm, company, etc.)
(Complete address)
IN RE: (Mention the goods/services complained of giving details)
Dear Sir,
This is to bring to your kind notice that I had purchased from your ------ for a consideration of Kshs .------- paid in cash vide your cash memo/Receipt/ Invoice No ( or through cheque No--------- dated--------- drawn on ------- bank for a sum of Kshs.-----The said goods are suffering from the following defects:
(i)--------------------------(ii)------------------------- etc
I have reported the above matter to you several times (give reference of earlier letters, if any) but despite all my pleading you have not made good the defect in the goods (or deficiency in services) which is indeed regrettable. On account of aforesaid dereliction of duty and failure and neglect to rectify the same I have suffered losses/incurred expenses (Give details) which you are liable to compensate to me. You are hereby finally called upon to
(i) Remove the said defects in the goods and/or
(ii) Replace the goods with new goods and/or
(iii) Return the price/charges paid
(iv) Pay compensation for financial loss/injury/interest suffered due to your negligence
(Give Details) in the sum of Kshs.----- with interest @------% per annum within-------- days of the receipt of this notice which I shall be constrained to initiate against you for the redress of my aforesaid grievances and recovery of the aforesaid amount such proceedings, both civil and criminal are warranted by law besides filling a complaint under the statutory provisions of the consumer protection under the new competition Act 2009 of Kenya and consumer protection under the bills of rights in Kenya's constitution exclusively at your own risk, cost, responsibility and consequences
which please note.
Place ------------------ Dated ------------------ End.

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