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We envisage to engage all players in the forum including government regulatory agencies, private sectors/business community, media, academia and the general public in the discussions on consumer protection issues

  • Consumer Empowerment focusing on:
>>Consumer Safety related issues
>>Consumer Rights Education
>>Consumer Awareness
>>Consumer complaints and redress process
Welcome to Kenya Consumer Rights Empowerment Forum Website
The Kenya Consumer Rights Empowerment Forum is an initiative by CUTS-CITEE Nairobi and Akiba Uhaki Foundation to provide a platform for sharing information on consumer concerns and experiences and to facilitate the development of a strong network of consumer groups and consumer champions in Kenya through engagement in constructive consumer policy debates and discussions on consumer protection issues by means of social media.
What's new
2. Consumer Experiences Across Key service sectors in Kenya - Policy Brief
3. The State of Kenyan Consumer 2012 Report Published
4. Dissemination report for the state of Kenyan Consumer 2012.
Have a Complaint?
A consumer who feels dissatisfied with his / her
purchased product or service should never surrender to fate by dying in silence and accepting the situation but instead should act.

How to make a complaint
Model form of notice- before filing the complain
Support Partner
Useful consumer links
>> Competition Authority
>>Communication Commission of Kenya
>>Kenya Bureau of standards
>>Anti-Counterfeit Agency
>>Energy Regulatory Commission
>>Retirement Benefits Authority
>>Central Bank of Kenya
>>Capital Markets Authority
>>Kenya Human Rights Commission

 >>The Law Society of Kenya

>>Kenya Law Reforms Commission
>>Water Services Regulatory Board
>>Republic of Kenya Ministry of transport
>>Ministry of Medical Services
>>Ministry of public health and sanitation