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Effective Consumer protection is a joint responsibility by all stakeholders including business community, regulatory authorities, the legislature, judiciary and above all the consumer him/herself. The consumer therefore has responsibilities towards his own protection. These include:

1. To Beware: consumer needs to be alert on the quality status and safety of goods and services before he can decide to purchase them.
2. To Be Aware: consumer needs to gather all the information and facts available about a product or service as well as keep abreast of changes and innovations in the market.
3. To Think Independently: Consumers are expected to make rational decisions about well conceived needs and wants.
4. To speak out: consumers are expected to inform manufacturers and government of their needs and expectations.
5. To Complain: consumers are expected to inform business and other consumers in a fair and honest manner about their dissatisfaction and satisfaction with a product or services.
6. To be ethical: consumers are expected to be fair and desist from engaging in dishonest practices, which cost all consumers money.
7. To Respect environment: consumers are expected to refrain from actions that may lead to littering or contribute to environmental degradation or pollution

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